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Grateful 2 Move

Seattle Fitness Events | Personal Training

Grateful 2 Move's mission is to inspire mindful movement amongst Seattle locals, cultivate community and show that fitness can be life-changing through pop-up fitness events. G2M classes are uplifting, positive, challenging, and transformational.

Whether you are moving your mind in a meditation class or moving your body in a sculpt class, we always start with an I AM intention. I am capable, I am limitless, I am fearless. We end class with a moment of gratitude :)


Hannah Madgett

Creator of Grateful 2 Move

Lockdown of 2020, my entire world flipped. I was a junior in college majoring in theatre in a world where theatre no longer existed and my so-called survival job of teaching group fitness vanished. During all of this, I was faced with chronic health issues and no clear answer from doctors.


My life changed through the practice of mindful movement, yoga, meditation, and affirmations. Suddenly, I began to slow-down,  love-up, and appreciate the body I was living in. I had to share this with everyone.


I started Grateful 2 Move as an online space and taught restorative classes and bootcamp classes. I start and end my classes the same way every time. I open with an I AM statement (I am fearless, I am capable, I deserve this)  and close with a moment of gratitude.


Fast forward to December of 2022....

Now more than ever, we are all craving community. I took the concept of Grateful 2 Move and turned it into community fitness events within the Seattle area. Fitness for your mind and body, fitness for every body.

Check out our services page to book personal training, private, and corporate events.

SO grateful you are here, I can't wait to move with you!

With gratitude,

Hannah Madgett (she/her)

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